Who is Generation Z?

By Steve Bonoff posted 29 days ago


Posted by Printing Industries of America

With millennials well into adulthood, businesses are now turning their attention to the next generation entering the workforce: Generation Z. Who are they, and what are their attitudes toward print?


While age ranges vary, most reports of Generation Z describe them as being born between between 1995 and 2012. Businesses should pay attention: they make up about 25% of the population and are estimated to become 40% of consumers by 2020.[1] Most of Generation Z could be described as digital natives. They have never known a life without digital products and services like Google, mobile phones, and Wifi. With mobile technology a constant in their lives, recent reports show that they spend nearly three hours a day on social media applications.[2]

Generation Z appreciates brands that make authentic, personal connections with them, such as responding quickly to their questions on social media or learning about their preferences. [3] In a recent survey, 65% of this demographic reported that brands should take a stand on social issues.[4] Despite growing up digital, Generation Z values tailored shopping experiences and prefers engaging with products at brick-and-mortar stores. Still, 75% use their phones to research products while shopping.[5]


Generation Z represents an emerging market for the print industry.[6] Recent reports find that they:

  • Spend about 1 hour each week reading magazines[7]
  • Prefer reading printed books [8]
  • Favor printed learning materials (textbooks, research articles) to help them focus[9]
  • Value print media and trust print publications more than digital media [10]


Are you looking to update your business approach and reach out to the next generation of consumers? Here are four tips to consider:

  • Incorporate digital technology into brick-and-mortar experiences
    • Does your website function across all devices?
  • Build customer relationships in person and on social media channels
    • See our blog post on social media in the print industry
  • Provide personalized and customized products and services
    • Collect available data and build profiles of your customers
  • Share your company mission and values

The infographic [1] below summarizes this blog post. Feel free to download or share it!

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