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Minimizing Risks

By Steve Bonoff posted 01-02-2019 10:34


By Paul Gutkowski and Cathy Malinowski

Do you know what is the most common OSHA citation for printing companies?  Would you like to make more money by reducing the number of accidents and injuries?  Is it possible for a company to be cited with a criminal penalty for violating an environmental regulation?

Compliance Audit Benefits for Printing Companies

A regularly scheduled environmental, health and safety (EHS) audit provides management with an effective and affordable means to ensure regulatory compliance.  Identifying regulatory compliance issues allows an organization time to better plan and implement corrective actions before a regulatory inspection occurs.

Audits minimize regulatory fines and penalties along with EHS risks.  Audits can also uncover ways to reduce waste management and workers’ compensation costs.  Additional audit benefits include:

  • Identifying actions necessary to protect corporate officers from criminal liabilities,
  • Enhancing the corporate image with customers, employees, regulatory agencies, and the public, and
  • Minimizing litigation risks associated with regulatory noncompliance (assuming corrective action is taken).

The Role of EHS Audits

An EHS audit conducted by PIM is not like a financial audit.  A PIM audit focuses more on your company’s operations. It is critical that management commits to holding employees blameless during this process.  It is the goal of the PIM audit process to identify what the company is doing right and to identify areas that need improvement. 

Employing PIM’s EHS auditing services and acting on the recommendations in the audit report, can help your company ensure compliance with all applicable EHS rules and regulations while providing a safe and healthful working environment for your employees.  In conjunction with the actions mentioned above, conducting annual EHS audits ensures that your EHS programs are cost-effective and productive while minimizing your liabilities.

What Members Say

Here are two comments from printing companies:

“With Paul’s expertise and guidance in the area of environmental and safety in the workplace, we have successfully went through several EPA and OSHA inspections with ZERO citations. In fact, on a recent inspection, the inspector left our facility “shaking his head.”  Don Bergeron, Executive Vice President Daily Printing, Inc.


An EHS audit is the formal process to periodically evaluate the existence, adequacy, and effectiveness of the required EHS programs in your workplace.  Audits are a key management tool for determining the adequacy of practices, procedures, and controls your company has established to meet your own internal standards and EHS regulatory standards.  Please contact Paul Gutkowski (612-400-6205, for more information on how you can utilize PIM to minimize your personal and corporate environmental, health and safety liabilities.